Latest polls results and trends for the Presidential election race, as pollsters survey voters' intentions to vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton - but will they get it right?

This November, US Citizens will go to the polls to decide whether they want Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to be their next President.

The two candidates couldn't be more different - and the opinion polls have have swung wildly between neck-and-neck and 6 points difference.

Between now and the election we'll bring you the latest poll results, along with the rolling average calculated by

Here's the state of the polls in the US presidential election as they stand.

Who is winning the US Presidential election?


The latest polls show the race is the closest it has been since June.

Hillary Clinton is ahead - but only just.

She's currently just 2.1% ahead of Donald Trump - with 44.5% to Trump's 42.4%.

And the most recent IPSOS Mori poll puts both candidates on 39% - with 22% undecided or planning to vote for other candidates.

The polls have only been this close twice before. In July, Trump was briefly behind by 0.5 points, and in May he was briefly behind by just 1.2 points.

But on each occasion a series of gaffes by the former reality TV host - combined with Hillary securing the backing of former nomination rival Bernie Sanders - to open up a double digit lead.

This time, however, matters may be different. Questions over Secretary Clinton's health aren't going away, after she admitted a diagnosis of pneumonia.

And Trump's populist support doesn't appear to be waning - despite hinting at Hillary Clinton's potential assassination for a second time last week.

Speaking at a campaign rally on Friday, billionaire Trump told supporters that his Democratic rival should have her bodyguards disarmed and then mused: "Let's see what happens to her."