Why mud bath is a boon for the body?

1. Set a little adventure to your life.

2. Stress Buster
The warm, soft mixture of the mud when applied to your body makes you feel at home and is a great stress buster.

3. Good Conditioner for the body
Mud bath helps in conditioning the body and hair. It makes your body glow.

4. Full stop to skin maladies
Mud packs when applied on a regular basis helps in preventing many skin ailments like blemishes, acne, skin allergies etc.

5. Natural Detoxificant
Mud can help in absorbing toxins from the body and helps to get a diseased free state.

6. Improves Blood Circulation
Massaging skin with mud helps in exfoliating and thus helps to improve blood circulation.

7. Helps in Cooling and Relaxing body
Mud can retain moisture for a long time, so it soothes your body and makes you feel cool.

8. Muscle Relaxant
Mud has anti-inflammatory properties, so it is beneficial in reducing joint pain and acts as a muscle relaxant.

9. Anti Ageing Properties
Anti ageing property of mud helps you to look younger and makes you glow.

10. Maintains Metabolism
An abdominal mud pack decreases intestinal heat, increases peristalsis and helps in all kinds of indigestion.

11. Maintains pH balance of the body
During mud bath, all the minerals present in the water are absorbed by the body and these minerals help in neutralising the pH level of the body.