India has the best version of festivals and parties for every occasion, and when it comes to big holidays like the New Year’s Eve, it’s really hard to escape unscathed by the party fever. If you’re looking the best places to celebrate New Year party, here’s a great list to look into.


rooftop parties udaipur

Rajasthan is a great place to start the New Year for couples and lovers, but there’s also one well-kept secret among party-lovers – the City of Lakes holds the best and most glamorous parties during the holidays! It’s famous for world-class hotels and resorts, Rajasthani palaces, and the best weather during December and January. In short, you’ll find the best places to celebrate the New Year party here for everyone, from festive family gatherings, street music, luxurious New Year banquets, to the widest rooftop dance parties!


places to celebrate New Year party New year party bangalore

The famous “Silicon Valley of India” isn’t just all about work, work and work. It’s also known as the pub capital of the country, and to prove that, go ahead count how many pubs you’ll see just in the famous M.G. road! What’s it like during the New Year celebration? Wild and unlimited. You’ll find parties and events that has the best DJs, nonstop dance floors, and overflowing food and drinks.


places to celebrate New Year party New year party mysore

Mysore is one of the best places to spend New Year party in South India, but it offers slightly different ambiance. There are three words to describe New Year in Mysore – luxurious, royal and religious. The city lights up like an extravagant bride-to-be during the holidays, bathe with the lights of bejeweled palaces and temples. Now tell me, don’t you want your New Year to be as dazzling as that?


places to celebrate New Year party goa

For party lovers, Goa is the ultimate choice to welcome the New Year! There are several clubs and resorts that hold the best and craziest parties on New Year’s Eve. Plus you can’t go wrong or bored with the crowd. You’ll find the most ambitious restaurants in food strips within Palolem, Panjim, Vagator, Anjuna and other towns. And when the fireworks die down and the sun comes up, head to the beach to welcome the first sunrise with sand on your feet.


places to celebrate New Year party mumbai-new-year-celebration

Everything is happening in Mumbai during New Year celebration! There’s a surge of travelers from nearby cities and states during this time, and you’ll find the craziest crowd. There’s delectable food everywhere, parties that truly rock your world, and the best fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

New Delhi

places to celebrate New Year party DelhiWhat’s New Year like in the center of India? Crazy, wild and ambitiously festive! The best places to celebrate New Year party is in New Delhi, and the entire city truly knows how to welcome the New Year! You’ll find awesome events in line during the holidays and there’s definitely one for everyone. Many head to popular clubs, visit relatives or spend the entire night with overflowing food and booze.