Whoa! Kim Kardashian is slipping out of her clothes in a new racy selfie!

Kim Kardashian nearly freed the nipple again! That’s right, the lovable Keeping Up with the Kardashians star just shared some smoldering selfies in which one of her nipples makes an appearance! In the pics, Kim sports some incredible eyeshadow, a thick sparkling choker and an equally eye-catching bra from whence came the nipple!

Diehard fans know the 37-year-old stunner is a veteran when it comes to teasing her nipples! Sometimes it looks like an accident, like when one slipped of a sexy jumpsuit in 2014. But sometimes, like this brand-new selfie, we suspect Kim has no problem just gifting her feverish fandom a racy photo! And we are not complaining! We’re loving her confidence! When it comes to highlighting (or teasing) her assets, she’s an absolute expert! And don’t even get us started on her jaw-dropping see-through outfits! Suffice to say, we know Kim’s nipples well at this point!