If we are not aghast by what we have been watching on camera on Bigg Boss 11 then there is more off it. Well, there is this footage where Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde are seen advising Sapna Choudhary on safe sex. Yes, the lady says she does not know what is a condom and the two women are surprised. Shilpa is shocked and asks Hina if she really does not know. Hina says she is saying she does not. Well, it is Hina who has initiated the conversation and tells Sapna that condom is important in a relationship for safe sex.

The dancer from Haryana is apparently unaware about it and gets curious when Hina talks about male and female condoms. She asks Hina about how does one wear one and Hina is speechless. Clearly, she is amused by this lack of awareness. Shilpa asks Sapna how old is she and where does she live? She says she is a Delhi resident and stays with her family. Shilpa asks Sapna if she does not step out or if she has friends. Sapna says she likes to read books and Shilpa trolls her asking if she is reading Donald Duck books. She says she is a cartoon lover.

Later, Sapna talks to Hina about what all she is learning inside the house. Hina tells her not to use the word condom freely inside while Benafsha Soonawalla is clearly amused by this. Isn’t it strange that someone like Sapna would be unaware of something like a condom. We guess Bigg Boss 11 is also going to be class in sex education. Click on this link to watch the video.